New Improved Nutrilick Range

Strathclyde Nutrition has updated its Nutrilick molassed cattle and sheep mineral licks for the 2013 -2014 season with improved formulations, new products and new packaging.

The Nutrilick re-launch sees the introduction of new products and new eye-catching packaging, all with the aim to make it easier for farmers to choose the most appropriate product for their livestock but still with the assurance they are continuing to provide high quality nutrition.

Nutrilick products have been formulated to provide an effective source of trace elements, minerals and vitamins essential for optimum animal health, fertility, performance and profitability.

The range benefits from some advanced nutritional technologies including Triple Mag (three magnesium sources for effective absorption and 24 hour protection), Cu-Tek (a blend of copper  including types which mop up antagonists and a rumen-bypass source), and Active S to enhance rumen function. These are complemented by ingredients such as Omega 3 fish oils and garlic which are well-renowned for their nutritional properties which are beneficial to health.

The range now consists of eleven products including Nutrilick Triple Mag, Cattle, Cattle Fertility, Dry Cow, Garlic Grazer, Sheep Energy Extra, Sheep, Tupping, Mag 15, Summer-Or-Feet and C-lick.

Written by: Rebecca Ingram

On: October 8, 2013

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