Creating a good rumen environment is vital for micro-organisms to work and fibre digestion to take place.  This helps ensure high feed intakes, good animal health and that production targets are being achieved.

There are a number of rumen digestive disorders that can result from incorrect feeding of animals, the majority of which stem from acidosis.

Acidosis - associated with cereal fed animals.  Acidosis is the build up of fermentation acids leading to disruption of rumen function and can be fatal if not acted upon.

Scour - acidosis can lead to variable dung consistency.

Laminitis - a common type of foot lameness, linked with diets that cause ruminal acidosis

Reduced intake, poor feed conversion ratio and growth - acidosis causes a health challenge to the animal, feed intake and hence performance of the animal is impaired.

Alkacid has been developed to help overcome the potentially adverse effects of high energy, cereal based diets and acidic silages.

Alkacid is a unique rumen buffer which acts in three ways to stabilise the rumen pH through:
•Immediate neutralisation of rumen acids
•Absorption of acids
•Stimulation of saliva production

If fed at recommended rate of 50-100g/day Alkacid will help:
•Stabilise the rumen at the optimum pH
•Allow improvements in DLWG
•Improve the feed conversion rate
•Improve forage intakes

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