Formalin 40

Formalin 40 is a formaldehyde solution containing: 40% (by volume) Formaldehyde (36.6% by weight) and 7.3% by weight Methanol.

Formalin 40 is 5% more concentrated than any other formaldehyde solution on the market and provides a cost effective disinfectant and steriliser for use on farm.

Suitable for a number of different applications, Formalin 40 is ideal for use in footbaths as a disinfectant and lameness preventative.

A Cost Effective Solution
Introducing regular foot bathing to your farm can help prevent incidents of lameness within the herd, it is estimated that one case of lameness can cost on average £323 and current data suggests that on average 20% of animals may be infected.

25 kg Formalin 40 will make 500 litres of footbath and costs significantly less than alternative solutions, which often require a longer bathing time.

Formalin 40 Preventative Footbath
Dilute at a rate of 2.25 litres made up to 45 litres of water (1 part Formalin 40 to 19 parts water). For cases of Digital Dermatitis the concentration should be doubled. It is recommended that animals should pass through a water bath to wash and clean feet prior to using Formalin 40 solution.
•Walk sheep/cattle slowly through the Formalin 40 footbath.
•Animals should stand on dry ground or concrete until feet are dry. It is suggested that this is repeated at weekly intervals.
•Only the claws (lower part of hoof) need to be immersed. If the bath is too deep, it can cause blistering of the skin on the lower leg. Typically the footbath depth should be 60 to 70 mm deep (2.5 to 3 inches) for cattle and 30 to 45mm deep (1 to 1.5 inches) for sheep.

Formalin 40 as a Treatment for Foot Rot

Animals with foot rot should always be treated as a separate group. Using Formalin 40 foot bathing strategy as part of the control procedures has been demonstrated to be a worthwhile exercise on the majority of farms. Cure rates of up to 80% have been claimed for foot bathing.

Dilute as directed and follow a standard bathing process as detailed previously. Repeat every 5 days and adopt an effective management regime to reduce further incidents. Veterinary advice should be sought.

Other Agricultural Uses
Formalin 40 is widely used as a disinfectant in poultry houses and hatcheries. It is also used in fisheries as a parasiticide. It can be used as a general disinfectant. Soaking for 30 minutes with a 10% solution of Formalin 40 will destroy a wide range of disease causing bacteria and viruses.

New Canister for Safer Use
• Moulded ventilation channel ensures smooth emptying without glugging
• Avoids dangerous splashing during discharge
• Precise dosage
• Guaranteed total discharge even when held tilted
• Closed handle - easy to rinse

Storage & Spillage Instructions
Do not store or use near heat or naked flame.
In case of spillage dilute with plenty of water.
Keep container tightly closed
Protect from frost. Exposure to frost can lead to the formation of a white precipitate. This will not necessarily clear as temperature rises.
Do not store more than 1 pallet high.

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Strathclyde Nutrition has been marketing formaldehyde solutions for more than 60 years. Formalin 40 is produced to the very highest standards, ISO 9001:2008/ISO 14001:2004. It is packaged in UN approved containers which comply with all current transport and safety regulations. All batches are strictly quality controlled to ensure the same high standards time after time.

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