Nutrilick Summer-Or-Feet

Formulated to help combat problems such as Orf and poor feet, suitable for both sheep and cattle. Also supports maximum growth rates providing nutrients deficient in pasture. No copper formulation. Contains key nutrients such as iodine, sodium, sulphur, biotin and chelated zinc.  

Typical Feeding Guide:

Place in a convenient location away from the drinking water. Move occassionally to avoid poaching. Ensure a supply of clean drinking water is available.

Distribution Rates (animal per bucket)

Size  18/20kg 100kg
Cattle 15-20 75-100
Sheep  40-50 200-250

Rates should be halved for the energy buckets

Typical Intakes (grams/head/day)

Cattle 100-200g

Calves 50-100g

Sheep 25-50g

Lambs 10-25g

Distribution rates outwith the recommendations may result in variation from the typical intakes. Intakes will also be affected by availability of other feedstuffs, weather conditions, animal condition and water supply.

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