Superblock Bronze

Superblock Bronze is a high protein feedblock for all stock being fed poorer quality forage and roughage, in particular straw.

To help ensure optimum performance, ewes being fed Bronze should switch to Gold or Silver in the run up to lambing.

It has been designed for:-

• Hill sheep

• Lowland sheep on poor forage

• All classes of cattle (over four months)

Typical Feeding Guide:

Ad-lib forage must be available at all times. Place Superblocks evenly over the entire grazing area. Regularly alter the feeding point to prevent poaching. When feedings indoors, place away from the water source. Ensure a clean water supply is available at all times. Using feeders will reduce waste and restrict intake.

Distribution: Sheep - one block per 25-30 ewes / Cattle - one block per 12 animals

Intake will vary depending on the availability of other feeds, animal condition and stage of pregnancy. An intake guide for ewes and adult cattle is: Ewes - 150-300g/head/day / Cattle - 300-600g/head/day

Intakes can be varied by altering the distribution rates given above.


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